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December 17, 2017


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Developing Bible Work in West Balkan Area

The West Balkans Partnership is a joint venture, which has come about as a result of genuine Christian fellowship among the above five Bible Societies during the last decade. All of us share similar political, social and religious challenges and opportunities in our work and have co-operated in practical ways in the past. As a result we believe that by collaborating together in joint projects we will thrive and be more effective. In doing so we will be better witnesses to the Christian message of reconciliation and fellowship to the Balkan society which has been characterized by ethnic and religious hatred.

Vision: Our Future Orientation

We are in the process of rethinking our work, grounding our identity more firmly in the Bible mission. On our meetings we have agreed to the following mission statement: Developing Bible work in our area, aiming to bring transformation and reconciliation through the biblical message. Because of the many things we have in common and because of our willingness to work together, we have realized that we can present the totality of our work as one common story, under one broad program or paradigm, which embraces all that we do as national Bible Societies, including the specifics where we may differ. We therefore made a unanimous decision: we commit ourselves to consolidate our work and efforts in all the areas of our activity where this is reasonable and profitable.

Recent WBP Activities

  • New WBP strategy planning

    During the first half of the year the WBP has been focused in creating the new strategy for the next 5 years. For this reason the General Secretaries together with different partners meet in Leskovac and Skopje to discuss about our future. The outcome of the meeting was very important […]

  • “Grace” WBP Conference in Ohrid

    Many people know something about the Balkans, but few understand the history behind this region. Our countries of the West Balkans, are continuing to struggle because of the past and because the tension between different religions and ethnicity. The WBP is trying to play its role to witness the message […]

  • WBP Youth Conference – Ohrid 2015

    In the light of past experiences in Tirana, Belgrade and Medjugorie with Bible Engagement through sports activities, the WBP decided to organize the “Living Word” tournament involving football for boys and volleyball for girls. We invited some of the church leaders form the countries of the WBP to come to […]

  • Medjugorje – The Living Word Tournament

    The WBP has always put a lot of emphasis on working with the young generation. This is why we have planned a number of youth conferences involving the Scriptures and playing sports together. So the first joint initiative of the year 2015 has been the Living Word Tournament in Medjugorje […]

  • WBP Conference – Bar 2015

    The WBP joint conference with the church leaders and other harvesters has become a good tradition now since 2012. We are trying to strengthen the network between the church leaders and other partners of the BSs of the West Balkan area. This year we organized again the conference in Bar, […]