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June 17, 2019

New Testament for Everyone

Project Summary

This project aims to provide a printed Study Bible version of the New Testament to the Christian community. For most Balkan countries this would be the first printed study Bible. Therefore there is a vast need among church members and leaders for this resource that will be used to raise the level of Biblical literacy. The project will be based on the Learning Bible produced by ABS. It will be a joint project in order to be better coordinated and more efficient. The joint cooperation will also be beneficial by providing the same versions to the different minorities in the region. Initially it will cover only the New Testament and, after a review of its success, recommendations will be made to also include the Old Testament.

Target Audience

The main target is the Christian community which includes different church backgrounds (Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant) and different national backgrounds. By joint cooperation in this project it will also be possible to target the different minorities that are present in each country.

Background & Audience Need

Most of the above countries have had a New Testament for some time and are now exploring different ways to expand its range of products. Also there is a great need for a study Bible version in these countries as no such product exists in the market. This corresponds with the need expressed by the local churches for raising the level of literacy among its members. Therefore this project addresses both an opportunity for Bible Society to promote their particular translation and meet a desperate need in the Christian community and it also presents a great opportunity for the Balkans Bible Societies to show their unity to the churches and society through a tangible product. This becomes even more significant when the product is distributed among different national minorities.