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June 17, 2019

New Croatian Bible

Project Summary

– Translating the Bible into modern Croatian will make God’s Word accessible to a far greater number of people. After several years of preparation, we are progressing well with the translation project and we have completed the first draft of 30 Old Testament & DC books and 18 New Testament books. We hope that the reputation of the Croatian Bible Society will be greatly enhanced by this project and it will enable us to fulfil our mission and to really become a full Bible Society.
– We expect to complete 5-6 more OT books in 2013. At the same time we are working on stylist checking on draft translated Bible books. The target completion date for the translation is the end of 2015. This will be the first Interconfessional common language Bible available in Croatian.
– Croatia is 90% a Christian country; unfortunately this is just a nominal Christianity. After the fall of communism our country is badly affected by secularism. This is the reason why we expect good success with the new Bible translation. In cooperation and partnership with different Churches we will try to promote and give the Bible important status among the general population of the country. We expect that after several years the major part of the Croatian population (4.5 millions) will be reached with the new translation. As a result our ambition is to change the trends from strong secularisation to more Bible focussed society.
– It is important to complete this translation as quickly as possible, to retain the existing translators and to enable the Bible Society to have a new translation on the market. Some of the translators have already been approached by a competitor. It would have very serious consequences for the Bible Society if we were to miss this opportunity. This will be the first interconfessional common language Bible available in Croatian and the first from original languages.

Target Audience

– Churchgoers, new Christians, general public.


– To produce a new modern language Croatian Bible.


– It is anticipated that in the future this Bible will generate significant, possibly the main, income for the Bible Society, enabling it to carry out many of its other ministries.
– The project has been running for the last 6 years. By mid-2012 we have completed the first draft of 32 OT & DC books and 21 NT books. By the end of 2012 we intend to complete 3 – 4 more books.
– We increase the working speed on the translation project: finally we organised and started with practical work on draft translation by stylists and linguists. Our expectation is in around 3 year’s time we will be near the end of the whole translation work.


– A modern language translation will make the Bible much more accessible to a far greater number of Croats, both in Croatia and in rather large Croatian diaspora across the world.
– The project will improve relations and co-operation between different Churches and increase the Bible Society’s reputation with local Churches and the general public.

Reach: 2 000 000

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