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June 17, 2019

Contemporary translation of the Bible in Macedonian

Project Summary

– There is a real need for a new Bible in a modern Macedonian translation, that will be accessible to people of all ages and in late 2008 we had an exploratory meeting with biblical scholars, academics and linguists to discuss such a project and discover what people think this new Bible should be like. Having received good support from the churches we have established a translation team and set out a project plan for the years ahead. A team of three people has been appointed, and two of the translators are already undertaking a study course in Greek, due to complete in August 2012. In September, with the help of our BS TS Lénart J. de Regt, we’ll organize a Seminar, and the translators will start with the new translation of the New Testament.

Target Audience

– Young generations and intellectual people.


– A new modern translation of the Macedonian Bible, accepted by all churches.


– In 2012 the two translators will complete their Greek study and will attend seminars for training and planning the work with our UBS Translation Consultant. One of these seminars will include Paratext training. After establishing a small team the translation


– God’s Word has to be understood by everybody. Therefore, we want to have the best possible translation of the Bible in our modern Macedonian language, so our people can better understand it, especially the youth.

Reach: 100 000

Category: Bible Translation

Function: Translation