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June 17, 2019

Hope for the children

Project Summary

– During the summer holiday, about 500 teenagers attend the summer school “St. Erazmus” where they follow courses in religious education. There are also smaller Sunday schools organized by the Main Protestant Churches in Skopje, Ochrid, Strumica etc., where young people are following courses about their own religion and about the Bible. We want to provide these children with our Bible literature, original Christian literature, to complement what they receive from their school. The literature that the Bible Society provides helps the children to understand more about the Bible. Without our material the teaching would only be about its own churches and history.

Target Audience

– Children from mainly poor families.


– To reach young people, from 8 to 19 years old, with God’s Word.
– To develop the image of the Macedonian BS among the youth.


– Distribution of 500 NT and Bible editions, 200 children’s Bibles and 500 copies of reference books containing biblical help materials.


– Through the books we provide over a thousand children and teenagers with the opportunity to learn about the Bible and its message for them. They will take the literature back home and share what they have learned with family and friends, impacting more people. Some will begin attending Church and others will learn good values for living their lives.

Reach: 1 500

Category: Youth and Children

Function: Sales And Distribution