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June 17, 2019

Light in the darkness: gospels in Braille

Project Summary

– There are about 3,000 blind people living in Macedonia. These people also are children of God, but until now they have not had access to the Bible in Braille. Through this project we will provide Braille gospels for them. God’s Word is the light for the world, even for those who cannot see with their eyes; they need to see God’s Light.
– In 2011 we published the Gospel of Luke and it was a great joy for the Blind people in Macedonia to read the Gospel, and for 2012.we plan to publish the Gospel of Matthew, maybe Mark and John. The process for the realization of this project will be the same as for Luke and we will build on experience gained from work in recent years.

Target Audience

– Blind people
– People Of Faith
– People Under Pressure
– Visually-impaired


– Bringing the Word of God in Braille to those without sight in Macedonia.


– The preparation, transcription and production of Matthew’s, Mark’s and John’s Gospel will be completed with the co-operation of Compass Braille in the UK and Association for Blind in Macedonia. So our aim is to produce the Braille books for distribution during 2013. Our production will be carried out in the same way as the Gospel of Luke; 70 copies of Matthew’s Gospel 70 copies of Mark’s Gospel and 70 copies of John’s Gospel produced Braille.


– To help blind people to feel normal members of God’s community through giving them access to the Bible and establish relationships with partner organisations that will provide a foundation for future co-operation.

Reach: 1 000

Category: Other Scripture Supply

Function: Distribution free of charge all over the country