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June 17, 2019

Scripture distribution to the children in orphanages

Project Summary

– Both the poor economic and post-war situations in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina have produced a lot of children without parents and homes. Different domestic and international organisations formed children camps where they are taking care of these children. Specially, in post-war and post-communist time because of growing number of orphans, our Bible society will like to bring some hope to these children in critical part of their life. We think that bringing the Good news to these children is very fundamental for their developing in growing ages. Also, bringing the Good News to them will necessarily give them an understanding of the values of real Christianity in crucial time of their lives.

Target Audience

– Children and Young People.


– Mission work with children.
– To develop relationship with some other public non-profit organisations.
– To develop relationship with pastors in orphanages.
– To promote Bible Society children’s editions.
– To promote Bible work in general.


– 4,000 different children’s titles distributed free directly to the children in orphanages.


– Engaging with Scripture for children in all orphanages around the country. We are looking to reach 15 different orphanages around Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In all these places we are looking to distribute 4,000 copies of different children’s titles. Major parts of this quantity are our well known and widely accepted editions.
– Reaching the children to read the Bible.
– As a result of improving of our reputation and promotion of our Bible work feedback effect for our regular Bible distribution will be growing of Scripture distribution figures.
– Also, as a result of the same activities it will be good foundation for building relations for the future local fundraising projects.

Reach: 4 000

Category: Youth and Children

Function: Sales and distribution