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June 17, 2019

Contemporary translation of the Old Testament

Project Summary

– To make a translation of the Old Testament that will meet the needs of young people and those with a secular outlook. This project is very important for the Bible Society. It will develop our relationship with the Serbian Orthodox Church and open up new possibilities to reach secular young people.

Target Audience

– Churchgoers, general public, young generation, families.


– To make the Serbian Old Testament accessible to a young Serbian generation.


– We will offer a new translation after more than 140 years.
– Thousands of scriptures using this translation will be distributed.
– The first printing of a new text will be at least 5,000 copies.


– This translation will be widely welcomed by the churches and will be a major resource in communicating the Bible message to younger generations of Serbian speakers.
– A modern language translation will also help the Bible Society to achieve its mission and encourage young people to find interest in the Bible text and to understand it better.

Reach: 500 000

Category: Bible Translation, Advocacy/Engagement

Function: Translation