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June 17, 2019

New Translation of the Gospels for Romani people

Project Summary

– This project will provide Romani people with the four Gospels in their mother tongue for the very first time.
– The Bible Society wants to continue reaching as many different groups of people as possible, distributing Scriptures in languages they can understand. We know how important it is to bring The Word of God to this Romani community. A trial edition of Mark’s Gospel was published in 2010.
– It is not just in written form that the Romani translation will reach its audience. With literacy rates still low in this community, it is important to make it available in audio format, too. BS will collaborate with Trans World Radio and provide audio format. Thanks to this cooperation we will be able to broadcast and promote new translation.

Target Audience

– Romani community in the South part of Serbia and possibly in some parts of Macedonia and Bulgaria.


– To support Churches and leaders of Romani communities with the gospels in their language.
– To raise Bible literacy among the Roma
– To promote the translation
– Serving minorities.


– In this next stage of the project for 2012 we will complete the gospel of John.
– Eventually we will publish and distribute about 5,000 copies of a Four Gospel edition plus 1,000 copies of the Gospel of Mark as a trial edition. If we know that Romani families have many members we can say that we will be able to reach between 30,000 and 35,000 people.
– In 2013 we hope to provide an audio version of these new gospel translations and help pastors of Romani Churches to organize Bible advocacy among Roma community.


– According to our experience the Bible has a great impact among Romani people where it is already accepted. In the Bible they find their hope and their faith. Reading the Bible changes their habits.
– According to unofficial statistics there is a significant decrease in crime in towns in the south of Serbia where Romani people are very well organized around the Church. Another outcome of Romani people becoming Christians is the decrease in the number of ‘child marriages’.
– To some extent these translations will also help the Romani people to preserve their own language as some words already are being replaced by Serbian vocabulary.

Reach: 200 000

Category: Bible Translation, Advocacy/Engagement, Serving the churches

Function: Publishing and Bible Advocacy