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June 17, 2019

God’s Word through the New Media

Project Summary

– Development and maintenance of:
1. A system for conversion and publication of biblical texts into e-book and other relevant electronic formats.
2. The Facebook page devoted to Scripture, and various supporting websites.
3. A system for online user registration that will build a supporter base for the Bible cause in Slovenia.
– All of the above represent the key elements of a holistic communication effort, which aims for the widest and most meaningful Scripture distribution through these channels and can provide good basis for Scripture engagement and Bible advocacy.

Target Audience

– Youth and users of online social networks


– To reach effective communication of God’s word through new media (electronic formats, social networks, new mobile gadgets and online tools) in a consistent way, which can build trust with the audience.
– Facilitate all the three phases of Bible Engagement:
1. Exposure to the Bible
2. Bible use
3. Transformation in terms of thinking and behaviour.
(The 3rd mainly through the partnering ministries.)
– Within this, to communicate the mission of the Bible Society in an inspiring way, so that recipients become aware of it and be attracted into a relationship with the Bible Society in the form of volunteering or financial or prayer support.


– Scripture selections and portions available on the e-book/mobile platforms for free upon registration
– Exploration of the possibility of online sales of whole Bibles or New Testaments in electronic formats
– Regularly maintained Facebook page for the Bible in Slovenian and for the Slovenian Bible Society
– An online base of “friends” of the Bible Society that can be further used to solicit support for the Bible cause in our country


• People will encounter/read the Scripture online/electronically
1. Number of downloaded Scriptures in electronic formats.
2. On Facebook “Insights” page, this is measured by the “Reach” of each post.
• People will engage/interact with the Scripture online/electronically
1. On Facebook “Insights” page, this is measured by the “Talking About This” of each post.
2. Number of those who had further contact with us after registering into our system.
• People will enter into real-life contact with the partnering Church ministries and the Bible Society itself
1. Feedback from partners, especially if some of the contacts experienced a transformation in their lives
2. Number of new supporters in the Bible Society database

Reach: 13,000 (potentially up to 250,000)

Category: Other Scripture Supply

Function: Communications (with Bible Advocacy, Church Relations and Fundraising)