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June 17, 2019

Taking the Bible to school

Project Summary

– In 2008 the Macedonian Government introduced religious education in State schools for the first time since 1991, following our State independence from ex-Yugoslavia. This is a great opportunity to support the schools, reaching children aged 10 and 11, in the fifth class in elementary schools, who will study the course in parallel with the history of religions. The teachers have few resources for preparing the lessons and some are not very knowledgeable about the Bible, so we will provide Bibles, New Testaments and biblical material for teachers, school children and school libraries.
– Despite an attempt by secularists in 2009 to stop the lessons, they are continuing in an almost identical format, but under a new title ‘Ethics in Religion’ with a course for Christians called ‘Christian Ethics’. The book for this subject was written by my self and 90% of the material is talking about the Bible and the Christianity. We very much want to continue to provide the children in schools with our literature during each academic year

Target Audience

– School teachers and school children.


– To support teachers in their task of teaching religion in schools and to provide good resources for school children, age 10-11, so they can understand the Bible in a better way.


– 3,000 New Testaments to school children
– 70 New Testaments to teachers
– 300 New Testaments to libraries
– 200 Orthodox Children’s Bible to the children
– 500 copies ‘In the steps of the Apostle Paul’
– 100 Macedonian Bibles
– 70 Bible resource books for teachers.


– 70 teachers and over 3,000 school children will be able to encounter and understand the Bible and its message in an effective way, most of them for the first time.
– Over 3,000 children will receive NTs and Scriptures at school and will take them home and share what they have learned with family and friends. Some will learn good values for living their lives.

Reach: 15 000

Category: Youth and Children

Function: Sales And Distribution