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August 15, 2018

Awakening God’s Word

Project Summary

– The aim of the project is to develop Bible advocacy and Scripture engagement in the West Balkan area. The WBP Bible Societies will thus become “ambassadors of Bible mission” in our area. Specific aims will be to:
– Work with the “Bible activists”, gathered with the “70300 Calling the Harvesters” project, encouraging them to support the Bible cause in our countries and promote it in their sphere of influence.
– Design relevant Bible advocacy events that will create greater mission awareness in the churches and Christian ministry partners
– Work with foreign partners, learn from them and present the needs of the Bible work in our area.
– Transfer the experience learned from international Bible advocacy and Fundraising to our Bible Societies.
– Employ the focus on the Bible mission as a catalyst to open doors for the fundraising in our area.

Target Audience

– The activists from the “Calling the harvesters” project and their congregations
– The staff of each Bible Society in the region
– Local and international partners


– Feeding from the “Calling the harvesters” project: Establishing “Bible mission ambassador teams” for developing Bible engagement strategies, consisting of church activists and the newly acquired or newly dedicated staff of our Bible Societies.
– Within these teams: Identify the best practices, activities, tools and materials for Bible Advocacy in our environments.
– Equipping and training active Christians to use these new tools.
– Engaging churches and other organizations in a constructive dialogue regarding the role of the Bible in the society and culture.
– Presenting the mission and needs of our Bible Societies at home and abroad.


– Materials and tools for effective Bible Advocacy.
– Local public events to reach out to the churches and broader society in order to engage them with the Biblical message and involve more Christians in our Bible Advocacy campaigns and initiatives.
– At the end of Year 3: Raising the first $10,000 from local partners.
– Developed and strong connections with international partners (in terms of our presentation, learning and long-term support in partnerships).


– 15,000 church members will become involved in Bible engagement through the different organized events and activities.
– 35,000 people will be the recipients of materials and will become aware of the Bible Society work
– Bible Societies will be more creative in their engagement with the church and society at large.
– BSs will have an increased mission awareness and effectiveness in their Bible advocacy and fundraising.
– A new mission drive will be awakened within the churches.
– There will be increased opportunities for people to discover the message of the Bible for the first time.

Reach: 50,000

Category: Advocacy/Engagement

Function: Bible Advocacy (and building the potential for Fundraising)