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June 17, 2019

Harvester report – June 2012

The Harvesters project is still in the first stages of implementation, so it is difficult to provide testimonies etc. However I can outline our short term plans (during the year 2012) for the project.
We are in the process of selecting church representatives who will be our key contacts for this project. We have already been to 10 churches who have agreed to start groups who will read and discuss the Old Testament translation. We are encouraging churches to rediscover their love of reading the Bible. We will do this through giving them the parts of the OT we have already translated and then in groups they will discuss it. In this process we are engaging them with the new version and they can make suggestions for the translation. So they can be transformed by the translation but also help to shape it.
We have already done this process with the New Testament translation and it was incredibly successful.

Altin Hysi, General Secretary of the Interconfessional Bible Society of Albania