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June 17, 2019

Harvester report – June 2012

In last several months we had several meetings with CBF representatives in Zagreb. They are very much encouraged about practical work with Bible in as many as possible parishes around Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina as well. This cooperation is crucial for future Bible work in the Catholic Church.
Finally, Croatian BS agreed with dr. Nikola Hohnjec, dr. Mario Cifrak and dr. Dario Tokić to organize a seminar for Bible study groups leaders later on this year. It will be organized in Franciscan monastery near Zagreb. This seminar will also give us opportunity to select certain number of harvesters which will play key role in the future developing of our project on the ground work.
Hopefully, till than we will prepare at least some material for participants.

In Samobor we had important meetings with fra Zvjezdan Linić, very popular evangelist even outside Croatia. He is very willing to give us space during his re-evangelization seminars to promote Bible and importance of regular reading of the Bible. He will also be a guest in Slovenia on Bible marathon this autumn.
CRBS developed contacts with Christ Church and their Bible institute in Zagreb and Evangelical theological faculty in Osijek. Harvesters project is now opening the doors for cooperation on other projects and Bible activities as well, like promoting our new translation project which is near the end.

We distribute to different Churches 5.000 copies of bookmark which we produce for promoting of harvester project. This bookmark include short introduction to lectio divina method of Bible on one side and 30 readings from E100 Bible reading plan on another side.
Also we produced 4 panels with introduction to lectio divina method. We distributed it in 3 different places in Croatia (Zagreb, Samobor and Pula) and to Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Panels are mobile and we are looking to circulate it to other places as well.
WBP had very fruitful contacts with local Scripture union organisations. As one practical result we will cooperate with them on production of book The essential Bible guide written by W. T. Kuniholm. This will be, together with other literature already available and suitable for this project, crucial literature for our harvesters.

Damir Lipovšek