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June 17, 2019

Harvester report – June 2012

For the mission of the Macedonian BS, I am very much encouraged with this project. From one side, I am encouraged of the development of the project which is going on in the WBP countries and from the other side, I am encouraged what is happening here in Macedonia.
More than two months ago, I was in contact with all the members of the BS Board (They represent the six biggest churches in Macedonia), and all of them are looking forward to see the success of this project.
At the moment, six of the harvesters from the Orthodox church have already formed the groups from 10 – 30 members, one from the Catholic church, two from the Evangelical and two from the Methodist church. There are also some more harvesters, but they are still struggling in forming the groups.
The Harvesters coordinator, Mr. Boban Mitevski, has visited some of the groups and he told me that we as a Bible Society, have to provide for them, as soon as possible, the appropriate material.
At the moment, we prepared the bookmarkers with thirty readings and these days we will have about 3000 printed samples.
As we start this year with the new translation of the New Testament in contemporary Macedonian language, I think, this groups will be very helpful for us in checking the new translation.

Petko Zlateski, General Secretary of the Bible Society of the Republic of Macedonia