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June 17, 2019

Harvester report – June 2012

This is a project in which we invest lots of efforts and enthusiasm because we believe that it gives us the opportunity to establish a platform for spreading the Word of God in a secular society. We already had dozens of meetings in order to introduce this project to the largest possible number of potentially important people. Whole campaign is called “The Bible for everyone” Results are very positive, the following Churches will take active part in the project:

Serbian Orthodox Church
Catholic Church
Pentecostal Church
Baptist Church
Adventist Church
Slovac Evangelical Church

It was agreed to form a planning group in order to develop a common working plan for Bible groups. We are all united in the opinion that the Bible Society must use the unique opportunity to unite Christians around the Word of God. Planning group members are:

Prof Dr Dragan Milin – Orthodox Church
Dr Aleksandar Ninkovic – Priest of the Chatolic Church
Dane Vidovic – Pastor of the Baptist Church
Daniel Srdic – Pastor of the Slovac Evangelical Church

Working plan will be completed by the end of June. Bible groups will begin to work according to this program in September. Our wish is to form groups of the BS, which will meet mainly in parishes. We will encourage Christians to read the Word of God and contribute in strengthening Church communities. Besides parishes, our intention is, for the beginning, to have at least one Bible group in Belgrade that will work in a public place such as town library in order to reach people who are not believers. From September one Bible group will work in the Cathedral of St Sava, the largest active orthodox Cathedral.

List of Harvesters increases every day. It currently consists of the following religious teachers : Milan Mirkovic – Belgrade
Ivan Krstic – Belgrade
Marko Miletic – Nis
Milan Dragovic – Nis
Ivan Miladinovic – Krusevac
Danijel Jovanovic – Prokuplje
Miroslav Jovanovic – Leskovac
Mirjana Dikic – Kosovska Mitrovica

With these activists we are already covering the entire territory of Serbia from North to South. When the working plan will be completed we will intensify enlarging the network of harvesters.

In the meantime we had several meetings with SU representatives. They are willing to be our partner in this project and to help us to recruit Harvesters among their activists. Their initial contribution will be to provide copyright for all five member countries of Balkan partnership for the Essential Bible Guide that we are going to publish as a working material for Bible groups. We expect to have a license by the end of June.

Vera Mitic, Executive Secretary of the Bible Society of Serbia