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June 17, 2019

Life with Jesus

Project Summary

– A new translation of the New Testament into contemporary Slovenian language, called “Life with Jesus”, is aimed specifically at the youth and the non-churched. The project has started in 2011. Three translators will translate the New Testament in eight years and provide accompanying materials that will help the readers. Public launches of pilot editions will be organized yearly at a major church youth event. There will be accompanying workshops and pastoral activities that utilize the new texts. Electronic editions will be made available and interaction with the text via internet and social networks will be organized. This is the first dynamic-equivalent translation of the Bible into our language ever. The project also has the potential to become a pilot for similar efforts in other countries in our region.

Target Audience

– Slovenian young people are similar to those of other (Central) European countries: they are exposed to the secular popular culture, new technical gadgets, consumerist worldview and an uncertain future. The main churches in our region often find it difficult to reach the youth and youth is not in touch with the Church. The existing Bible translations appear archaic, outdated and therefore irrelevant to them, because of the formal language they contain. The youth might understand Christianity as such in similar terms.
– The people interested in spirituality or religiosity, who don’t attend the Church and therefore don’t use the religious language employed by the existing Bible translations. The new text will speak in their own idiom, removing the language barrier and with it the impression that the Bible is only for the “Church people”. This way, its message will have a much greater impact on this group.


A communicative, common language translation. Its objective is:
– to bridge the gap between the Bible and the youth and the non-churched
– to increase the Bible literacy within these groups.


– 2012: Pilot edition of Luke, Colossians, James and 1 John
12,000 copies printed and distributed freely in September
– 2013: Pilot edition of Acts and Galatians
12,000 copies printed and distributed freely in September
– 2014: Pilot edition of Mark, 1 Peter and 2 Peter
12,000 copies printed and distributed freely in September
All text will be made available electronically (e-book, on Facebook and on the static web page)


– Young people will encounter the biblical message, and allow it to shape their lives.
– New interest and use of the Bible among the non-churched “spiritual seekers”.
– A number of young people will make a decision towards the Christian faith.
– A number of other young people who already believe will become more active in the Church.
– Increased partnering between youth ministries and outreach ministries of different churches and within the Catholic Church.
Measure: feedback from online social networks and qualified qualitative feedback from youth group or outreach leaders.

Reach: 50,000 (potentially more, when the whole NT is finished)

Category: Bible Translation

Function: Translations (with Scripture Engagement and Church Relations)