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June 17, 2019

Loving our Muslim neighbours

Project Summary

– Against the recent and historic conflict reality in our area the Balkan Bible Societies (BBS) have seen the need to understand more fully the nature of Islam in this region and its future trends and learn from the experiences of other Middle Eastern Bible Societies in order to help equip the local churches, encourage a positive desire to serve the Muslim communities, to establish healthy relationships with the them and to develop special products towards that goal.

Target Audience

– Churches in Balkan countries


– Strategic Bible ministry with Muslims launched in Balkans.
– Bible Society a catalyst for a new mission drive within the churches and Muslim community.
– Motivate and equip church workers, especially the young.
– Strengthen relations with local Churches. Build a supportive network of Bible engagement activists within the local churches that are already active in Bible mission and build relationships with them.


– 50 church workers will be trained and equipped
– 2 Public Bible events will be organised in 2012
– “Why Jesus” educational materials for Christians in majority Muslim environments prepared, translated and published
– 5,000 copies of “Why Jesus” will be distributed to Churches


– Christians in Balkan are trained and equipped regarding Islam.
– Hundreds of Balkan Christians move from fear and a sense of threat to a place of love and courage (changed attitudes).
– Thousands of Muslims in Balkan will be exposed to the biblical message. There will be 10,000 Christians in Muslim majority environments who will engage with the Bible mission work in Muslim communities.

Reach: 15,000

Category: Advocacy/Engagement

Function: Bible Advocacy