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June 17, 2019

Providing scriptures to Macedonian people

Project Summary

– Scriptures are supplied either directly from the Bible Society office or through trusted book agents. There is high unemployment in the country and young people are usually working for low wages. In most cases those who want a Bible are those with little income and we must price our Scriptures accordingly (Distributing for an affordable price).
– This project aims to reach poor people who cannot afford to buy our literature, but who are interested to know about the Word of God. Many of those who are living in extreme poverty come to the Bible Society offices and ask us to give them books free of charge. Some who do not know about our office are going to the Churches and are asking for help and for our bible literature from the people working there. Our Bible Society seeks to serve these people, who are seeking help and spiritual support, by making Scriptures available to those most in need at no charge. We can do this in our shop and also through the Churches we work with. Because the economy in the country is not changed a lot, also in the year 2013 we want to serve poor.

Target Audience

– Serving the Churches; sales and distribution
– Christians who want to have their own Bible.
– People interested in reading the Bible and searching for meaning.


– The widest distribution of Bibles and other books at prices people can afford.


– Distribution of more than 3000 copies of Testaments and related help materials; portions, selections etc.


– People who could not otherwise afford to buy the Bible will be able to own their own copy, which will encourage their church attendance and further Bible engagement.
– Next year, also throw the other projects we want to introduce more people and their family to the Bible for the first time.

Reach: 10 000

Category: Youth and Children, Serving the churches

Function: Sales And Distribution