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June 17, 2019

Harvesters – I Read the Word campaign

Encouraging Bible reading in Catholic Year of Faith in Slovenia

As Catholics across the world begin celebrating the Year of Faith, which runs from October 11, 2012 to November 24, 2013, the Bible Society of Slovenia has produced a resource to get people reading their Bibles.

“Pope Benedict XVI described the Year of Faith as an opportunity for believers to ‘rediscover the joy of believing and the enthusiasm for communicating the faith’ and we wanted to provide a very practical tool to help people move towards that goal,” explains Bible Society General Secretary Matjaž Črnivec.

Don’t know how to read the Bible

“Knowing that many people don’t know how to begin reading the Bible, we produced a bookmark designed to be used over 30 days, pointing to one New Testament reading for each day. As people complete each reading, they can tick it off on the bookmark.

“On the other side of the bookmark is a message, entitled ‘The Bible in the Year of Faith’, written by the Archbishop of Ljubljana, Monsignor Dr Anton Stres. He emphasises the importance of Bible reading among people of faith and explains that the 30 readings summarise the main message of the New Testament.

Good overview of the Bible

“The bookmark is part of our I Read the Word campaign to get people into the habit of reading their Bibles regularly. Once they have completed the 30 days of reading, people will be encouraged to commit to further reading, using the E100 guide. E100 means ‘Essential 100’, and contains passages that provide readers with a good overview of the entire Bible.

“We are delighted at the archbishop’s support for this initiative and the fact that it has become part of the Year of Faith program in Slovenia. We pray that it will help many people to open their Bibles and meet with Christ.”

The I Read the Word campaign was endorsed by the archbishop at the opening ceremony of the Bible Society’s annual week-long Bible Marathon earlier this month – an event involving hundreds of participants from a wide variety of church denominations across the country. The auxiliary bishop of Ljubljana, Monsignor Dr Anton Jamnik, also showed his support at the closing ceremony, when he officially presented the bookmark.

Download bookmark PDF