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June 17, 2019

H+ for the Harvesters

On June 1st we were very delighted to attend the presentation of the H+ program for the Harvesters of the WBP. This took place near Zagreb, Croatia, and was presented by The British and Foreign Bible society staff members Michael Pfundner and Mike Simmons. We were happy to see that the harvesters that attended the event (Janez Jeromen Jr and Dani Siter) were more than pleased with the content and the general idea of the curriculum. Father Janez Jeromen Jr. decided he would like to test it in his parish, but he also sees it as a potential tool for biblical literacy training for the youth at our partnership organization SKAM (Community of Catholic Youth).

Dani Siter also sees that H+ could be a useful tool for Bible engagement of key leaders-couples in his organization Family and Life, but also agrees that he would like to test the program first in the prayer group that he personally attends. The joint impression of the attendees was that our general audience often lacks even the most basic biblical knowledge that is presumed as given for the attendees of H+. So, we view that the curriculum would be suitable for priests and small-group leaders first, but then again, that is exactly what many of us are looking for: a material for “”training the trainers””. We will be happy to hear about further developments of the pre-step to H+, The Drama of the Bible, which is being prepared by the same BFBS staff.