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June 17, 2019

Harvesters report – June 2013

In the first quarter of the year, all the Harvester groups in Macedonia were continuing with its Bible reading and discovering the meaning of the message of the Bible. The Harvesters coordinator, Mr. Boban Mitevski, was regularly visiting the groups. I was informed that in some places, because of the low temperature and no heating, especially in January and in February, the meetings were not regular.

Now, we are very much happy and encouraged, because the number of the members in the groups is increasing, which is the aim of this Project.

We also finished with the preparation of the book E-66 “Evangelska Kathecheza” and next month we are going to print 1,700 copies. Last year, in the Orthodox Church, for the first time in its history was organised Bible week (Sedmica na Svetoto Pismo) and now, we are preparing to organise it again.

In the second quarter of the year, all the Harvester groups in Macedonia were continuing with the Bible work. From the reports that we’ve had until now the interest for the Word of God among the members of the groups is growing more and more.

From the 9th to the 16th of June we organized for the second time in Macedonia, the Bible Week (Sedmica na Svetoto Pismo). The event was held in different venues in the city of Skopje. It was very encouraging to see that during the week more than 700 people could hear about the Bible message.

As building good relationships with the harvesters is crucial to the project, we visited many harvester groups in different places out of the city of Skopje and we had also different meetings with some church leaders connected with this project.