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June 17, 2019

Harvesters report – October 2013

During the summer we have promoted the Harvesters project in a few parishes of Nis Diocese.  As a result, Bible schools were established in Zitoradja, Prokuplje and Leskovac in cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Church. Bible schools will be held in the parish hall of a local Church twice a month. In each place, the Bible Society organized the introductory plenary discussion.

Protodeacon Radomir Rakic and Vera Mitic, general secretary of the Bible Society, spoke about the importance of the Bible message for everyday life. In Leskovac, Vera Mitic has given an interview to a local TV station which, in this way, wanted to support the initiative of the Bible Society. Contacts with the religious teachers, who will lead Bible schools, have enabled us to listen to their needs and their suggestions for improving work of the Bible schools.

Bible Study Group at the Church of St Constantine and Helen was founded on 8th of May 2013. The group meets twice a month, on Wednesdays, after evening worship. Attendants actively participate through questions and their interest largely determines the subject of each subsequent meeting. We can conclude the following from interviews with constant attenders:

Home Bible Group – Belgrade

Regular Bible groups contribute to a more close relationship between members of the Church community.

Attendants receive encouragement to read the Bible, which helps them to spend the time between two Divine Liturgies in intensive prayer and in thinking about what they have read in the Bible and how it concerns them as Christians.

They can understand the worship better, and they can participate in it fully and more emotionally.

In this period,  we presented h+ course to Bible group leaders.  Feedbeck from Evangelical churches was very positive. We agreed that this course should be adopted so that it can be applied for Orthodox Bible groups as well. We are looking forward to the workshop that WBP is planing for June 2014.