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June 17, 2019

Harvesters Stories – Jelena Nikolic

My name is Jelena Nikolic (19 years). I am a student at High school in Belgrade. I was born in Prijepolje, a small town on the border between Serbia and Montenegro. In Prijepolje, Muslims are the majority population. Me and my three brothers were growing up in Orthodox tradition.

The first book that I received as a gift when I was three years old was Children’s Bible. My grandmother was reading to me the Bible regularly.

If you ask me what the Bible means to me today I can say that for me the Bible is a way of life. After my completion of Primary school my family moved to Belgrade. In High school I decided to attend religious teaching. I began to study the Bible seriously. When our religious teacher asked us who wants to study the Bible more and join the Bible group, I applied without thinking.

Now we meet in the Bible Society twice a month. Each discussion about the Bible begins with the prayer. After reading the text we are talking about the message and how we can apply it in ever day life. Bible group is a wonderful experience. We share this with our friends at school so I believe that many of them will decide to join us.