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June 17, 2019

Harvesters Stories – Melita Vidovic

Melita Vidovic became Christian at the age of 15 and since then very much involved in Christian work. She married Dane Vidovic who is pastor of First Baptist Church in Belgrade and together with him she is very much involved in the church ministry. For many years she worked with teenagers in her church and also with Scripture Union in Serbia.

Now she is involved in ladies ministry, Daily club for elderly people, in few Bible study groups and also in translating Christian books. Ms Vidovic is a coordinator for evangelical groups for Harvesters project. Melita’s Bible group consists of following members: Tamara Milinkovic, Sofija Jovic, Dragan i Sladjana Kocic, Mara Mrkajic, Danica Bradas, Predrag Petrovic, Milica i Dragan Savic, Ruzica Kosanovic i Dusanka Buncic. They highlight the importance of the Bible group in the following way: The main motivation for joining the group is the desire for a deeper understanding of the Bible and deepening the fellowship among believers. After three and a half months since our first meeting (every other Friday), our experience is that our fellowship is deepened, we are much more familiar with each other and our understanding of the Bible is better.

The Bible group enables us to exchange ideas and to ask questions that otherwise, we cannot during the worship in the church. Together, we study the Bible much more thoroughly. This helps us to form opinion more clearly. Also, Bible groups enable us to pray for each other, for our specific needs.