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June 17, 2019

I Read the Word Campaign” – Update

The “”I Read the Word” Campaign” with it’s “”My Thirty Days with the Bible”” bookmark, taken from the E100 reading plan, was widely promoted during our Bible Sunday on January 27th. We sent the bookmarks free of charge to more than a 100 Slovenian parishes, asking priests to invite believers to engage with the Bible and decide to read it for 30 days in a row.

In anticipation of the Bible Sunday and in the time of Lent our fundraiser Benjamin Siter visited 10 parishes where he, through his personal testimony, invited people to surrender their lives to Christ and to begin reading the Bible. According to his survey over 200 people decided to follow through with “”My thirty days with the Bible”” challenge.

We are also in the process of proofreading the E100 book by Whitney T. Kuniholm, which will be included in our next big promotion campaign, which is to be carried out in October during the next Bible marathon.

The meeting of the high level Harvesters

After their first meeting in November 2012 we met with our harvesters three times in January and March. Even though all of them couldn’’t attend the meetings we are very excited about what arose from these meetings.

We are now together seeing the need for these leaders of Catholic movements to work closer together in forging a program of formation for Bible based mission and Bible advocacy engagement. This program will be intended for ministry workers as well as lay members of these movements. We have agreed about the main components of such a formation and the Harvesters have been very excited about our presentation of BFBS’’s H+ and LYFE programmes, which are being viewed as possible components of the arising formation curriculum.