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June 17, 2019

The men’s breakfast


On April 27th 2013, we were very happy to be joined by a guest from the American Bible Society, Mr. Samuel Lufi, who was a key speaker at Men’’s Breakfast, which we jointly prepared with our partnership organization Family and Life, which is headed by our harvesters Mr. Dani and Mrs. Vilma Siter. Samuel gave a powerful testimony of a life surrendered to God, which is being ““fueled”” by his daily encounter with the Bible. It was a great encouragement for the men that attended the event, to begin to regularly read the Bible.

The event was also remarkable due to the visit of the American ambassador to Slovenia, Mr. Joseph Mussomeli, who used Rembrandt’’s depiction of the biblical parable of Prodigal Son to talk about the three characteristics of ““real”” men, based on the three figures, represented in the picture – father (compassion and forgiveness), the younger son (humility) and the older son (servanthood, diligence). The encouragement became even more tangible when the Bible society general secretary Matjažž Črnivec challenged the 230 attendees to take up the challenge of “”My thirty days with the Bible””. Many of them provided themselves with personal pocket edition of the Bible at our selling table.

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