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August 15, 2018

Bible summer school

One of the main focuses of our BS has always been the mission work with children and teenagers. For this reason we decided to organize a Bible summer school for teenagers in cooperation with a Protestant church called “Rilindja”. This church has been working for years in one of the poorest areas of the suburbs of Tirana, helping the poor families with a feeding program as well as holding a church service for the new converted believers, mostly coming from Muslim background. They are also building a ministry with the teenagers from the area of Lapraka which is very encouraging.

From previous meetings of the BS staff and the church pastor of  “Rilindja” church together with the youth pastor, came up the idea of organizing a Bible summer school for teenagers where every day there would be a time for devotional, prayer, worship, as well as preaching and discussion sessions regarding the most hot topics for teenagers.

The summer school was organized during July in a camping located in the south of Albania. We created the opportunity for a group of 35 teenagers to attend this Bible summer school. It was a great time of building relationships, sharing messages from the Bible and ministering to the different needs of such young people.

“It was fantastic!” –says 17 year old boy called Renis Deda at the end of the summer school. – “I am very happy and thankful. The summer school was a great experience and helped us a lot. We saw again that God uses different people to change our life and make it more beautiful. God bless you!”

Anileda Kodra, an 18 year old girl, says – “It was a great experience! We were very blessed and had a very good time with each-other and with God. Thank you for creating this opportunity for us.”