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June 17, 2019

Bible week in Croatia

The most important event organized by the Croatian Bible Society was the Bible week in May 2013.  It was the first time that a Bible week was held in Croatian history.  The Bible week was organised in partnership with Churches and the Bible institute.  It included different activities such as Bible reading in the Churches and public, round tables about Bible and Bible message and finally a symposium about Bible translations.  All these events were attractive for Church related people and for general public.

All events during Bible week were clearly Bible advocacy related. Actually, it was an excellent opportunity for promoting the Bible itself and especially regular practical using of the Bible.  All different Churches, from Catholic and Orthodox to Evangelical participated in a positive way.

Bible week was promoted also in different media, from newspapers to TV.  For sure, Bible week will now become a traditional event with growing activities every year.

In Croatia we are continuing the work with different Churches in implementing the Bible advocacy activities through Bible groups and using the Bible in the education system.