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August 15, 2018

Celebrating 20 years of Slovenian Bible Society

In the second quarter of the year we were engaged in series of events in collaboration with our “official” Harvesters and other committed volunteers in a mission-based celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Slovenian Bible society. The celebrations peaked at the end of May.

Public Reading: “The Living Word on the streets”

On the 25th of May, as a part of the main celebration of the 20th anniversary of our Bible society, we were reading Bible in five different languages on the central square of our capital city of Ljubljana and proclaiming God with songs, involving about 15 volunteers. The impact of the past communism and today’s secularism influences the public opinion, that it is unusual to testify one’s belief in public, so some people passing-by felt uncomfortable and other amazed by our acts.

To see more photos of public reading click here.

Drama – sermon

That day continued with a play of our Harvester, actor Gregor Čušin, called The Faith of the Left Robber. By the word of the author himself it is not a drama, but a sermon. Over 50  people were present and new drama attracted so much attention that the actor got invited to perform it in several other occasions.

To see more photos of the preaching-drama click here.

E-edition of the New Testament and Psalms

As a part of mission-based celebration of our 20th anniversary we made available a free e-edition of the New Testament and Psalms, which was warmly welcomed by our audience and still gets a lot of attention every day.

Link to e-edition is here.