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June 17, 2019

Croatian Bible Society work in 2013

Working with different Churches and encouraging them for more regular practical using of the Bible is our main target. In this light the Croatian Bible Society continues to work with different Churches what we developed through the Calling the Harvesters project. Since our plan is to equip the Churches, the Bible Society has started in cooperation with them to develop further materials.

In June the WBP with BFBS organized a presentation of the H+ programme. All WBP Bible Societies participates together with few partners from each country. It was only an initial overview and introduction but in June 2014 we are looking to organize another H+ workshop for local partners.

The Croatian BS produced and distributed a few Lectio divina panels to the groups mentioned above. Also we distributed around ten thousands bookmarks with E100 Bible reading plan and introduction to Lectio divina method. Bible Society distributed around 150 different Bible literature titles to Bible groups.

Please, pray for success of all these activities.