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June 17, 2019

God’s Word in New Media – Report July – December 2013

Covering the Events through the Media

One of the biggest events of our Bible society is The Bible marathon, which we co-organized during a whole week from 6th to 13th of October 2013 in cooperation with nearly 50 partner organizers from parishes and Christian Churches. This project was a huge challenge for all of us and was covered by preliminary promotion, publishing news, real time reports and photos, and later on videos.

See the website: and the report under “Calling the Harvesters/Awakening God’s Word”.

Media Promotion and Support for our New Publications

At the end of The Bible marathon we delivered a trailer of the E100 guide in the form of “seven stops on the way into the heart of he Bible”, which is the next step of the “I read the Word” campaign. The promotion includes printed fliers and trailer, e-trailer, promotion over the Social networks and at the promotional stand on our events. We delivered E100 trailer to all Bible marathon partners and Sowers of the Word who were spreading the bookmark with 30 chosen passages from E100 in the last two years. By this promotion we learn to build comprehensive campaigns in the new media in the future.

See the flyer:

Delivery through the Social Media

Through previous experience on our Facebook pages we developed a model of consistent presence, by publishing daily verses, producing or re-publishing news on the Bible, photos and videos. We strive to be present on different pages on a daily and weekly basis. It is meant to provide some new channels of communication, which could be taken care of and updated by our more engaged visitors, who are to become our trusted partners and helpers in the future.

A New Level of e-Communication and Engagement

As planned, we sent personal appeals to about 30 more engaged friends of the Bible Society and visitors of our Facebook pages. It was important for us not to be intrusive and still reach the most devoted and courageous people with an invitation to join the “virtual Bible mission”. Quite some more effort will be needed to build a solid base of coworkers.

New Website

In the early December the team of our Bible Society consulted with a company which offered to build the new main website of The Bible Society of Slovenia with new web shop, user area and news-blog. Everything connected with this: the revised and new content, news and contact with users becomes one of the priorities of our media officer Tilen.

Starting with “The Good News” e-Newsletter

From different channels (orders of the e-products, Bible books, a trailer of the E100, ordering news, etc.) we have gathered about five hundred e-mail addresses with agreement to receive our future news & offers. Since these are users of the New media, we see them as future customers, promoters, partners and supporters. In December we developed a “central” channel through the e-mail newsletter, named “The Good News”. This will be used for spreading quality and relevant Bible-related content that we have in plenty, for building the awareness and attracting people into the Bible mission.

DBL and the New Bible-Search App

We have translated the user interface of the website. This will become our main Bible website in the future. We have added our main Bible Translation (Slovenian Standard Version, SSV) into the UBS’s Digital Bible Library and published it on the same website. We intend to add all other significant Slovenian Bible translations there, through the DBL.

Together with American Bible Society we have also agreed that we will test their new Application for Bible reading on mobile platforms (Android and iOS), with the SSV Bible text.

e-Book Life with Jesus 1 & 2

We have prepared an e-book of both existing pilot booklets of our new translation “Life with Jesus” (see Project 86106 for more details). Both booklets are freely available as separate PDF files and together as one EPUB file. This will allow easier access and wider distribution of our new translation.

Download page for “Life with Jesus”: