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June 17, 2019

Harvesters report – December 2013

In the second part of the year, in Macedonia, the Project “Calling the Harvesters” was working very well. Before, I received the information, about the Bible group work by our coordinator Boban Mitevski, but now, I decided to go and to visit them personally. The old groups are very good and I am very happy, because the number of the members in the groups is increasing and the interest for the Bible is bigger.

We, the BS of Macedonia, are looking and trying to organize Bible groups in every place in Macedonia, and I could say that the number of the new groups is  increasing.

Harvervesters in Bitola 

There are three small harvester’s  groups in the city of Bitola. This city is in the south part of Macedonia and with its habitants (About 90 000 people) it is the second city in the country. The harvesters of the groups are organizing, ones a month a meeting together, so called “St. John Theologos”. In this way, they are exchanging their ideas how to spread the Word of God among this people. The Bible Society of Macedonia, with our bible literature would like to encourage their work.

Harvesters in the Cathedral church “St. Clement” in Skopje.

This group is one of the last Harvester’s groups founded in the Cathedral church “St. Clement” in Skopje. There are in the group about 50 members from different ages. The group is leaded by ex student, now the harvester Mss. Biljana Sekulovska.  I talked to them about the role of the Bible in our lives. This is a nice group,  and I noted that these people were very enthusiasts and kin on the message in the Bible.

In September, we had a meeting, with five harvesters from Skopje and we made a plan-program called “Bible for every one” and we would like to have not only big Bible groups, but also small groups, which are interested for the Bible. Now, these kind of groups already exists.