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June 17, 2019

Harvesters Stories – Milan Mirkovic

Milan Mirkovic is a young man of 40 years. From early childhood, he decided to devote his life to God. He was born in Serbia but he spent his childhood with his family in Croatia. Since local Priest was a regular guest in their house, Milan heard a lot of different stories from the Bible and talked about God and faith with him. He decided to learn much more and to attend Seminary in the Krka Monastery,Croatia.

Twice in his life he and his family have been forced to pack up their life and flee. The first time was in 1991 when they left their home in Daruvar, Croatia because of the war. They came to Serbia and started a new life in Pristina, Kosovo. In the war their entire property was destroyed and a lot of dear people were killed. His sister today suffers serious psychological problems as a result of the war.

“I received all these losses easier because of my faith. Faith helped me not to hate other people, not to separate them by skin color, nationality or religion because Jesus Christ died for all”, Milan always says.

Second time Milan and his family left home in 1999 when the war started in Kosovo. This time Milan went to Belgrade and his family to Prokuplje, Central Serbia. Between 1991-1999 Milan and his family faced the major problems, often without money for food and medicine for sick members. “Faith helped me to stand, not to fall into despair and there were always good people willing to help”, Milan continues.

Today Milan is religious teacher, in Belgrade’s High school, working with young people. His wish is to teach them how to enrich their life by reading the Word of God and how to adapt and use Bible message in everyday life.