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June 17, 2019

“Life with Jesus” Street Evangelism

Youth “Life with Jesus on the street”

On April 25th we shared the gospel on the streets of Ljubljana with the Life with Jesus booklet. A special evangelistic event was co-organized with twelve volunteers from the catholic charismatic movement Emanuel and two of our staff members who were personally involved. We addressed especially young people in the parks and streets of the Ljubljana; we talked to them about the Bible, and encouraged them to use the booklet the Life with Jesus. We addressed at least 150 people and many of them showed interest to get the booklet. We got interesting feedback from them: practically every home has a Bible, but rare families read it. Also many of them are affected by a typical post-communist’s public (negative) perception of the Catholic Church. But it was a great experience for the volunteers and we plan to repeat this type of evangelism in the future.

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Public presentation dramas

On April 26th we made a public presentation of the new Bible translation Life with Jesus into modern Slovenian on major square in Ljubljana as a part of the “Slovene days of the book”. One of our harvesters, Mr. Gregor Čušin, a famous Slovenian actor who brings Bible to life with his biblical dramas, was moderating the dialog of the general secretary Mr. Matjaž Črnivec and Father Jernej Kurinčič, both translators. Their dialogue was construed as an exchange between a “devil’s advocate” and an advocate of dynamic Bible translation. Mr. Čušin was also “spicing up” their interview by acting out the Prodigal son parable in different translations of the past, but also in a completely modern-day version.

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Video of the “How Jesus would tell today: The parable of the prodigal son” received amazing feedback on our Facebook site.

Full video of the dialog (27 min.) on our YouTube channel.