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June 17, 2019

New Bible study materials for Serbian churches

Thanks to the work on the Harvester project we had the opportunity to look at the needs of Bible groups that are already working and those that are still in formation process. Orthodox Church and Evangelical Churches face the same problem – a lack of study materials. Experience that we gained during our work on E100, showed us that it would be much easier to prepare a completely new local edition instead of translating a foreign one.  Translation was followed by a long period of adapting the terminology that was used in American version of the book.  Text was prepared after a few months of work and the book is in print in 1000 copies.

Along with the E100 book, which primarily will be used by the participants of the Bible groups in Evangelical Churches, we have prepared a similar edition for Orthodox Bible groups related to the New Testament. This book will be printed by the end of the year in 1000 copies. Material relating to the Old Testament is in the preparation process.

On the request of many Bible group leaders we have prepared a set of four Bible maps in a format 70x50cm. For the beginning 100 such sets will be distributed.