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June 17, 2019

Work with Romani people in Macedonia

Private school “Anton Semjonovič Makarenko” – Skopje

The Catholic church is taking care for some Romany people in Skopje. They are leaving in very bad conditions in a periphery near Skopje. There is a private school called “Makarenko”, runned by the Catholic Church, in which more than 200 pupils are improving their knowledge in different subjects.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came on the earth for everyone, and with our WBP Project “Awakening God’s Word”, we would like to spread the Word of God to these poor people.

With a help of the father Ante Cirimotic, who is a member of the Macedonian BS board, Petko, the GS of the BS of Macedonia, visited these children and distributed to them some copies of our Bible literature.

Evangelical Church in Pepelishte

In the central part of Macedonia, there is a village called Pepelishte, in which are leaving about 700 Romany people. Traditionally, most of them are Muslims, but in practice, they are not part of any religious community. The Evangelical church with its efforts is trying to spread the Word of God among the young people in this village. Petko visited a small group of youth in this village, and with our Bible Society work we wanted to encourage pastor Goran in spreading God’s Word among these people. It was a great meeting, building bridges of collaboration and distributing Scripture.

Evangelical church – Marvinci

There is a village in the south part of Macedonia, almost the same like the village Pepelishte, called Marvinci. In this village are leaving about 1,000 Romany people. The Evangelical church here is also trying to spread the Word of God among the young people. Most of this youth are teenagers. Pastor Ivan told us about the difficulties in his work with these people. The Macedonian Bible Society is trying to support his mission with the distribution of some Bible materials.