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August 15, 2018

Bible Evening in the Serbian Government

Bible Evening in the Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the RegionBelgrade – 24th of March, 2014

The Office for cooperation with the diaspora and Serbs in the region has been showing for years that it is open to all topics, so it is no longer unusual that this kind of government institution plays host to the eternal theme, the theme of life of the Lord Jesus Christ. The evening was special because the youngest visitors, who have carefully followed the presentation, attended the event.

The General Secretary of the Bible Society of Serbia, Ms Vera Mitic informed the attendants about the work of Bible Societies to this day, their organization and missionary activity. She pointed out that the main activity of the Bible Society is translation, printing and distribution of the Scriptures. The Bible Society of Serbia is one of the oldest in the world – it was established in 1918. Today, his Grace Bishop of Sabac is the president of Serbian Bible Society.

Only seemingly small, this book with 50 biblical themes is the fruit of cooperation between the Russian Bible Society, the Serbian Bible Society, Serbian Orthodox Church and its illustrator Serjoza Popov. This cooperation is not accidental, as explained by Ms Mitic as the Russian and Serbian Bible Societies are members of a large global family of the United Bible Societies. This global family consists of 156 national Bible Societies and their work covers around 200 countries, so today the Scriptures could be read in 2.426 different languages.

This illustrated childrens Bible ‘Stories about the life of our Lord Jesus Christ’ was printed in the Patriarchate’s printing house. Manager of the Publishing Foundation and Printing of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Mr Gradimir Stanic, reminded the spectators about all the previous editions of the illustrated children’s Bibles issued by the Serbian Orthodox Church in cooperation with Bible Society.

Deacon Radomir Rakic, like a true missionary, conveyed the secret of the Holy Scriptures and the way it can be read to the children and young people who were present at the ceremonial hall of the Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region. This very instructive short speech was a lecture that is lacking in everyday life.

Zlata Kocic, distinguished translator and writer, sincerely and from the heart explained that it is not easy to translate Bible materials from the Russian language, that it is a great responsibility and how she felt grace that we usually feel before an icon. Although it seemed that the stories in Russian language lacked warmth, the grace of God has enabled her to change that and to enrich them with beauty and life that children recognize.

Writer Ljiljana Dugalic, as long-time collaborator and work companion of illustrator Serjoza Popov, tried to describe him concisely. She said that he had the hands of artist and that he was a painter who paints through the eyes of children.

Serjoza Popov thanked everyone for their cooperation during the preparation and painting of this book, and to the delight of all, talked about the preparation of new books in the Russian language in the hope that they will be translated and printed in Serbia in the future.

This special Bible evening was followed by the Serbian diaspora through online newspapers and online International Radio of Serbia.

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