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June 17, 2019

Bible Societies in Doboj after a catastrophic flood

On 29th of May General Secretaries of the Bible Society of Serbia and Croatia with two volunteers of the BS of Serbia visited affected area in the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) specifically the town of Doboj, which is about 250km from Belgrade and from Zagreb. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and one of the most important urban centres in Northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Doboj is a city with about 35,000 residents and approximately 80,000 inhabitants in the entire municipality.

Eleven years after the war, Doboj grew into a modern, well maintained and promising environment and regained the title of a multiethnic, multicultural and multiconfessional community. On the early morning of May the 15th catastrophic floods took everything that people have built in the last 11 years after the war.

We visited the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church and we learnt about the situation and the urgent needs of the people.

Accompanied by a priest Dusan Nedic we visited several households in the part of the city which is named after the river Usora and is one of the most affected. We distributed humanitarian aid and shared terrible stories which these people experienced in the last days.

Only two days before the disaster Šešlak family celebrated their older daughter’s wedding. Today this joy replaces sorrow for the destruction of their home. This family faces this problem for the second time, after the recent war in Bosnia.

BS in Doboj 01Borka Šešlak (42) with Vera Mitić, GS of the BS of Serbia, at her home in Doboj

One of volunteers who visited Doboj with us is Branislav Mićanović, a young student of the Orthodox Theological Faculty in Belgrade. Doboj is a city where he spent his childhood. He moved to this town with his mother after the death of his father during the war in Bosnia. Unfortunately, he did not have the chance to meet his father because he was born in 1993 a few months after his father’s death. Only a month and a half ago, this brave young man was the captain of the football team at the BS’s tournament in Belgrade, enjoying the magic of sport and today he is struggling to collect as much as possible humanitarian help for his hometown.

BS in Doboj 02
Branislav Mićanović (21) at the BS’s tournament and in Doboj with Bible Society

All the people we met welcomed BS’s initiative to urgently start with the distribution of NT’s together with humanitarian help. Comfort through God’s Word is more than necessary to these people in this difficult situation.