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June 17, 2019

Easter Celebration in Leskovac

Easter 2014 Leskovac 01Easter 2014 Leskovac 02Easter celebration was organized by the Romani Evangelical Church in Leskovac. It lasted for six days, from 19-24 April. The final event was on Thursday evening, 24th of April.

Despite the rainy evening, crowds were rushing to the main sport hall in Leskovac. It was nice to see that among them most were young people. The festive atmosphere was enhanced by about 2500 Roma people who came from different towns of Southern Serbia – the Church choir and musicians. The celebration began with youth program on biblical themes. Easter 2014 Leskovac 04During the event we distributed 700 Romani Gospels .People received this precious gift with great joy.

Australia’s leading evangelist, Tim Hall, was the main preacher. Bible Society was a respected, dear quest as we have already become a part of this community.

“The Bible is our greatest treasure along with prayers in Jesus name. God’s Word is more close to our heart thanks to Bible Society as we read it now in our own language”,Naza Alimovic, one of the volunteers and participants said.

The common desire was that the spiritual fire, the holy fire, began at this place. The fire that cannot be stopped and this really happened.