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January 20, 2018

Ministry to Balkan flood victims continues

On 30th of July we visited area of the city of Šabac, which was one of the most affected in recent floods. Whole Miokus village was evacuated to higher grounds. Most of people were moved to the local Church and school. During the floods, chicken and most of other farm animals died. The flood came with no warnings. The level of water was enough for one to swim with great ease. Farm fields of 400 households and 120 houses in this village were destroyed. Today life seems normal but we could see houses largely inaccessible and destroyed. People have no idea of when they would be able to live in their homes again.

Mladen Isakovic

Mladen Isakovic

We met many people who are really struggling, but I was especially touched by the plight of the Isakovic family. When the floods hit, Dragiša and Gordana had to carry their 36-year-old son Mladen, who is disabled, to safety as the waters rose around them. Now they spend their days in the garage of their home as they try to repair the damage caused by the floods. Mladen lost his most precious possession, his accordion, and his eyes fill with tears whenever he mentions it. “Gordana told me, ‘Our only hope is to turn to God with our whole hearts. If we trust him, we will be saved’. “What we can do here is just scratching the surface,”

Working through churches, we plan to distribute 2,000 New Testaments, but in every village there are many families in need. However, we know that God’s Word will bring spiritual comfort to people who are still in great need and we can see that they really appreciate receiving it.


Main street in Obrenovac, two months after flooding

On 6th of August we distributed NT’s in Ub and Obrenovac and villages around these two cities. Obrenovac is city most effected by last spring’s devastating floods Thousands of people were evacuated to the capital city, Belgrade.


Sara’s and Teodora’s balcony during floods                          Sara and Teodora received Children’s Gospels

His Holiness Patriarch Irinej received on July 31st , at the Serbian Patriarchate in Belgrade, representatives of the companies, organizations and individuals who provided invaluable contribution in distribution of aid to the most affected people in recent floods.

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej thanked all those who did good deeds, because in this way they testified their internal purity and their faith in God and devotion to the Church of God. Wishing them to stay on this path, His Holiness gave His awards to the Bible Society of Serbia and 34 more organizations and individuals, encouraging them to show love and to do good things.

At the end of the reception, His Holiness expressed His hope that in the future we will not have such troubles and that we will always be willing to help, to be generous and united in bad but also in good times.

Reception at Serbian Patriarchate

Reception at the Serbian Patriarchate in Belgrade © Deacon Dragan S.Tanasijevic – infoSPC