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May 27, 2018

Bible-reading marathon across the Balkans

Bible reading 2015

Bible reading 02 2015If this can be a success in our country, why not expand it to other countries, too? The Bible Society of Slovenia’s annual Bible Marathon, in which the Bible is read continuously in cities across the country for a week, took on an international flavour this year. For the first hour, the Bible was read in relay by participants from Slovenia, Albania, Croatia and Serbia. The Bible Societies from these countries come together for a range of project work under the umbrella of the West Balkan Partnership.

In each location, the readings were shared via Skype. “There were a few technical issues!” says Gjergj Ndoci, Project Coordinator at the Interconfessional Bible Society of Albania. “Even so, it was was wonderful to read the Bible together from different languages and different countries and to hear praise and worship songs. Sharing the event gave a great sense of family and friendship between our countries that can be achieved only through Christian fellowship.”

In a region afflicted with many political and social conflicts, it was especially appropriate that the theme of this year’s Marathon was No Fear in Love. The readings shared across the four countries came from 1 John 4, Romans 8, Exodus 34, Job 4 and Psalm 34.