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June 17, 2019

Book Fair – Tirana Open

Albania 03Albania 04During the second week of May, the BS of Albania participated in the Tirana Opening event which was organized in the Palace of Congress in the centre of Tirana. It is one of the most important book fairs that happens in Albania, and this time the organizers had created also an art gallery with modern art from various international artists.

The event was such important that it was opened by the Prime Minister on the first day. The Bible Society had it’s own corner in the book fair. It was the first time that we participated in such event, and it was a real good way of putting the Bible in the right focus as one of the most important books to be read from the Albanians. The focus of the Bible Society for this event was to distribute the Word of God through free NTs and through selling our Bibles and Children’s Bible. We had a special corner for the Bible Codex of Korça of the tenth century and we had also a small group of volunteers that helped us talk and discuss with the people that were interested in the Bible.

Many children from all the schools of Tirana attended the book fair and they were eager to receive NT’s and other materials from our corner.

You can find some pictures here: