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June 17, 2019

Medjugorje – The Living Word Tournament

Living word medjugorje 01Living word medjugorje 02The WBP has always put a lot of emphasis on working with the young generation. This is why we have planned a number of youth conferences involving the Scriptures and playing sports together. So the first joint initiative of the year 2015 has been the Living Word Tournament in Medjugorje during February. The Bible Societies of the WBP invited different teams of churches from their countries to participate. Some of the teams traveled for more than 10 hours to reach Medjugorje and to have the possibility to be part of the Living Word Tournament.

In an atmosphere of great joy and sportsmanship we started the tournament through devotion with Lectio Divina. After that the teams went to the football pitch and played against each other to battle for the trophy. At the end of the tournament the two teams that made it to the final were the team from the Catholic School of Sarajevo coached by sister Antonia, and the team from the village of Dajç in Albania coached by father Marian. It was a wonderful game and atmosphere in the final and at the end the team from Dajç was the winner of the tournament. After the tournament finished we organized a tour in the Church of Saint James where the young people had the opportunity to know more about the history of Medjugorje and the pilgrimage of people from every part of the world.

Living word medjugorje 03The Living Word Tournament was a great way to bring together young people from different countries and from different religious backgrounds and to help them understand that the Word of God is something very powerful that can bring us together despite the differences. We are planning to continue this kind of approach with the young generations since it is a great platform that creates the right environment to reach them with the Holy Scriptures.