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June 17, 2019

WBP Conference – Bar 2015

WBP Bar 2015 01The WBP joint conference with the church leaders and other harvesters has become a good tradition now since 2012. We are trying to strengthen the network between the church leaders and other partners of the BSs of the West Balkan area. This year we organized again the conference in Bar, Montenegro. The Conference had two main components, Bible translation and Bible Ministry of the Bible Societies as well as a certain time for Harvesters sharing about the work they are doing together with the Bible Societies as a way of encouraging one another for new ministries and to benefit from each other’s experience.

WBP Bar 2015 02During the first day the Conference focused on Bible translation. Each of the countries of the WBP are currently running Bible translation projects so we gave the opportunity to each of the countries to have a presentation of different issues regarding translation. It was a good time of getting new information regarding translation and also gaining from each other’s experience.

In the second day of the conference we took some time to learn more regarding sign language from Studge and Chris Dale who tried to open a new window and channel of communicating the Bible to a new audience facing difficulties and who really need some help.

WBP Bar 2015 03The aim of the conference was to help our harvesters understand better our work and our expertise as Bible Societies regarding Bible translation but also Bible publishing. That is why we spent some time to hear from Filip Vacek about Paratext and Publishing Assistant. He tried to give an overall presentation about how those software are a great tool that gives us a great advantage in checking, reviewing, sharing and publishing the Bible.
David Bolton shared also about different issues of the production of the Bible.

Every time we meet different harvesters together we give them the opportunity to share about their experiences with their churches and with the Bible Society.

The GSs of the WBP remained for an extra day of midterm evaluation of the work of the partnership, which was led by BFBS staff.