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May 27, 2018

WBP Youth Conference – Ohrid 2015

Living Word Ohrid 01Living Word Ohrid 02In the light of past experiences in Tirana, Belgrade and Medjugorie with Bible Engagement through sports activities, the WBP decided to organize the “Living Word” tournament involving football for boys and volleyball for girls. We invited some of the church leaders form the countries of the WBP to come to the conference with a group of young people. This conference was held in Ohrid from the 2nd until the 5th of September 2015. There was a group of 130 Living Word Ohrid 03people coming from Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Serbia.

Greg Morgan from Christians in Sports was the keynote speaker of the Conference and shared a series of teaching called “Born to Play”.
The goal of the Conference was to share the Gospel with young people and to show that through Christ we can come together despite the differences in religion or nationality.
The theme of the Conference was Running Together Towards the Goal. Living Word Ohrid 04Through this theme we wanted to emphasize the need to be together as Christians and to encourage a dialog between young people from different denominations and from different nationalities.
It was wonderful to see how the young people from countries that have a history of nationalism and religious hatred could sit together, play together and enjoy the new friendship.

The winning team for the voleyball tournament was the team from the Catholic School of Sarajevo Internat KSC created by sister Antonia (Ivana Lucic). Regarding the football, the winning team was the “Friends of the Bible” team created from father Marian Gega. After the tournament we organized a special evening where we distributed the prices and then we had songs from different countries to enjoy and create a nice atmosphere of friendship and reconciliation.

The whole tournament has been a great thing to remember for everyone participating. It was a remarkable event marked by genuine Christian fellowship sharing the Gospel together and setting a wonderful example of unity and reconciliation between young people living in areas where there is a strong nationalistic and religious separation.