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January 20, 2018

Bible Society and the “Forum for Dialogue between Faith and Culture”

WBP Slovenia 2015 05We are continuing to develop relationships with the Forum. Matjaž and Benjamin have invested significant amount of time in the preparation and execution of the nation – wide survey, titled Jesus and Slovenians. During the preparation of the survey we cooperated with member of the Forum and professor Dr. Igor Bahovec from the Theology faculty in Ljubljana. The telephone survey was then carried out on a representative number of 713 individuals by a professional team of the company Parsifal. We also did an accompanying survey via email.
WBP Slovenia 2015 07We presented the findings at the event called Jesus and Slovenians on May 12th 2015 as a part of monthly public debate, organized by the Forum.
The findings of the survey were presented by our General Secretary Matjaž Črnivec, who moderated the discussion between Sociology and Theology professor Dr. Vinko Potočnik, Cultural Sociologist Dr. Nenad Vitorović and a Jesuit father and Theologian father Damjan Ristić.
The survey has interestingly shown that the majority of the respondents believe that they are very well (17.2%), well (38.0) or at least medium-well (33.5%) familiar with Jesus and his teachings, but their knowledge is generally derived from primary- school religious education (53.0%). Only 9.3% of respondents have noted acquainted with Jesus through primary source, the Bible.
A fairly large percentage of people, 71.6% would regard themselves Catholic, but it is interesting that only 28.5% believe that there is a personal God, and only 37.8%, that Jesus actually rose from the dead. So this study confirms previous findings that in Slovenia we have mainly cultural Christianity, which often does not include even the most basic Christian beliefs. There is considerable indifference to fundamental Christian kerygma, which represents the biggest obstacle to our missional efforts.

A google-translated article from an online newspaper Časnik is available at the following link:

You can watch a video of the debate at the following link: