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January 20, 2018

The Bible marathon

The preparatory group of annual Bible marathon – weeklong nonstop Bible reading – began meeting in the beginning of June. We decided the time and title of the 8th Bible marathon. It is due to happen in the week between 11th and 18th October and will be titled There is no fear in love.
Our Harvester Mr. Bojan Doljak and Benjamin Siter have already prepared an online meeting of our regional coordinators. We were hoping and praying that we will be able to gather over 50 locations throughout Slovenia to join in this wonderful Bible celebration with their “mini” version of the Bible reading event.
WBP Slovenia 2015 02In the week between 11th and 18th October, in the Church of St. Joseph in Slovenia’s Capital Ljubljana and in fifty-four other towns throughout Slovenia the Bible was being read as a part of our 8th annual Bible marathon, which was titled In love there is no fear.
This year, the opening ceremony linked 4 Bible Societies from the West Balkan Partnership – beside Slovenia, also Croatia, Serbia and Albania. Communities of believers from all the countries read Bible passages together and sang typical Worship songs via a Skype connection. We can actually say this was the first international Bible reading marathon in our part of the world. More about this was published here:
WBP Slovenia 2015 01Reading in Ljubljana then continued throughout the week non-stop for the 164 hours. At St. Joseph’s prepared content-rich accompanying events, where different guest speakers expanded on the various aspects of this year’s theme – “In love there is no fear”.
During this week the Bible was being read in 54 other places all over Slovenia in so-called “Mini” Bible marathons. Some of them lasted 24 hours, others were shorter. In the town of Slovenj-Gradec, the readers were overwhelmed with the experience. Here are some of their testemonies:
– “This is the first time I attended a Bible marathon. The reading of the Bible is very interesting for me. I realized that we Christians don’t read know the Bible enough and don’t read it nearly enough. This way we can get really familiar with its message.”
– “I have never been to the Bible marathon before. I really like spending time with other believers. Nowadays we really don’t have enough spiritual peace and this is an opportunity for us to find it together.”
– “I love the experience of reading the Bible like this. It is a bliss!”
We also received a number of responses of the local organizers of “Mini” Bible marathons. One of them, from Dole near Ljubljana told us: “I am pleased to inform you that the Mini Bible marathon in our parish was a great success. One could see from the faces of the participants that both readers and listeners were very excited. One of them said they would continue reading the Bible on a regular basis at home. I am positive we will prepare the Bible marathon next year as well”.
On Sunday, October 18th we concluded the reading of the Bible in Ljubljana with a concert of a highly esteemed chamber choir Dekor and with two speeches by two bishops – the Lutheran Bishop Filo Geza and the Catholic auxiliary bishop of Ljubljana Franc Šuštar. In the final words he reminded us that it is the Bible that speaks about God, whose love “never ceases”. In order to understand that love, we need to read it, pray about it and then also implement it in our daily lives.
You can view some of the photos and read more about the event in the google-translated article from our website: