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January 20, 2018

Bible stories with the daily newspaper ALO

Srbija 01Srbija 03In 2015 we continued the successful cooperation with the daily newspaper ALO. This time we distributed twelve stories from the children’s illustrated Bible. This Bible was created a few years ago in cooperation with the Russian Bible Society. Illustrator was a young artist from Serbia.

Newspapers Alo is best-selling daily in Serbia. Daily they sell around 120 000 copies.  As we published twelve Bible stories that means that we distributed about a million and a half copies.

This Bible campaign followed the successful television commercials and Alo newspaper itself in each number devoted an entire page to advertise this project. This was a unique gift to Serbian children for Christmas holidays. First we published the covers on Christmas Eve, 6th of January, and then every following day one story with an illustration. Children were eagerly waiting to collect their own Children’s Bible.

We received very positive critique from parents. The most common comment was that this was a real refreshment in contrast to the amount of trivia currently present in all types of media which surrounds the children nowadays.
Snezana Babic, young mother of three children – Andjela (on the photo, 6 years old), and twins Ksenija and Novak (2 years), with great pleasure collects Bible stories with her children and says:

I thank the Bible Society and the newspaper Alo on behalf of many parents for enabling us to give such a great gift to our children in this economically difficult time in our country. You have entered the warmth in our homes for Christmas holidays. It is a true pleasure to sit with children and read them Bible stories. This is the right time to gain first knowledge about God’s Word.