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January 20, 2018

“Day of the Word” event

Albania 02

Albania 01The Bible Society of Albania organized for the second time the “Day of the Word”. The event was organized in the Catholic church of “Our Lady the helper”. Even though it was held in a Catholic church there were groups of young people from the Orthodox Church together with bishop Asti and from some Protestant churches together with their pastors. It was very encouraging to see groups of young people coming from the city of Shkodra and of Vlora, traveling for hours to come to become part of such meeting.

The Day of the Word this time was dedicated to the Wisdom of Jesus. Each of the Churches participating in the meeting had appointed one or two readers that read 19 passages from the New Testament where Jesus shared parables or other important teaching for each person’s life. The participants of this meeting as well as the public readers were young people from different churches. So it was very encouraging to see how the Word of God can bring together the young generation from different church traditions and from different parts of Albania. After the Bible reading in the Church we organized some free time game to entertain the young people and to help them socialize among each other.